Welcome to Ana Paula Araujo Mendes E-journal!

I was born and raised in Brazil and am currently based in Paris. I’m an entrepreneur and business owner. My professional career in business began in my home country and has expanded internationally to Europe, Africa, and Asia. I’m a competent graduate with an international MBA and a degree in business management. I’ve traveled and lived in various countries to study and work, and I always want to know more about history, new countries, new cultures, and new languages.

Early in life, I learned the dedication and motivation necessary to achieve all my goals, both personal and professional. There are many recipes for women to be successful in what they want to do in life. However, regardless of a woman’s options or lifestyle, she must first be confident about what she does and comfortable about herself.

My greatest strengths are my positive nature, my integrity, and my strong passion for life. These are powerful forces that enable me to look ahead and reach for higher goals. They motivate me every day to start a new search for excellence. Passion is in my DNA. It defines my destiny. Passion is what keeps me strong when others say a goal cannot be accomplished.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to combine my lifestyle with my interest in business, and I’m happy to sharing inspiring life stories and the Paris experience of its culture.