Welcome to Aerospace and Defense Actors E-journal!

I was born and raised in Brazil and I am currently working in Paris as Head of Communication & Institutional Relations of well-known French Aerospace Company.

Graduated with an international MBA and a degree in business management, I started my professional business carrier in my home country, rapidly expanded internationally to Europe, Africa, and Asia. From high level consulting in business development to CEO’s coaching, I have traveled and lived in various countries in which I have experienced many jobs in diverse professional environments.

Early in life, I learned the dedication and motivation necessary to achieve all my goals, both personal and professional.

My greatest strengths are my positive nature, my integrity, my disruptive approach of things and my strong passion for life. These are powerful forces that enable me to look ahead and reach for higher goals. They motivate me every day to start a new search for excellence. Passion is in my DNA. It defines my destiny.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to combine my lifestyle with my interest in Aerospace and Defense, and I’m happy to sharing inspiring life stories.