Defying the odds


Living abroad has taught me a lot about cultural differences. Instead of judging and complaining about behavior, I try to understand local customs by researching and studying the origins of a population and its development up to the present time. Doing this helped me to better communicate my objectives and adapt to differences. It also taught me how to communicate properly about who I am and my personality to succeed in performing my daily tasks.



My father knew me better than anyone. He knew my ambitions and my dreams. He used to call me an eagle. One day he told me: ‘You know the difference between a chicken and an eagle? Chickens have wings but do not know how to use them. Sometimes, they don’t even know they have wings. You are an eagle and it is my responsibility to prepare you for want you want’. Read the full interview

So happy and honored to be featured as the cover story of July, Ana Paula Mendes Defying the Odds by Kevin Knight for Expatriates Magazine Paris. It was particularly amazing to take a step back in time; this got me rethinking how determination can make things happen.

Many Thanks to:

Audran Sarzier – Photography

Rika Bitton – Make up artist

Expatriates Magazine


Ana Paula Araujo Mendes

Executive Strategic Advisor | Dedicated to Aerospace & Defense industry | International Institutional Relations Manager.