Inside the Kingdom of Fashion: The Intellectual and Millionaire Business


Fashion connects people with famous celebrities, whose stunning dresses by top designers create popular trends. Fashion can reflect emotion and express individuality, differentiating the social, religious, and aesthetic preferences of each person.

Fashion instigates new ways of thinking and acting, but before you see or have access to new looks, the development of collections or products through the understanding of trends is a very important phase. Recognition of trends is a key ability that every successful designer has used to bring renowned brands to world-wide attention.


To understand the key to the intellectual business behind this Fashion Kingdom, you must understand that only a few kings’ control and dictate what the world wears. I was invited to interview French designer, Mr. Alain Lalou, who built his millionaire career by dressing VIP customers, such as the queen of Thailand Sirikit Kitiyakara, actress Aurore Clément, and woman of power Mrs. Dorothee Altmayer Hermes and Mrs. Dominique Issermann. Well-travelled, Alain developed his brand and succeeded in putting both his name and his signature style in world-renown locations like Madison and Fifth avenues in New York City in 2003.

Besides owning 50 outlets of department stores that have carried his name in Daimaru, Japan and maintaining successful business partnerships with important personalities like Cafiero Lauro from Maritime Company Achille Lauro, Alain always strives for perfection. His creative process intersects various design styles—he focuses on defining values and improve the creation process by understanding people first, watching and listening their behavior individually and inside of a community to find inspiration and to create and express his ideas with confidence and passion.


While talent is very important, other factors that influence fashion are related to current events, such as political issues, social and cultural development, and economic and religious situations. All of these factors combined provide an overall picture of what the market desires and needs in the short-term. This helps designers and companies interpret customer needs as new collections and products.

Most inspiration comes from the street, visible in the small manifestations of intent and behavior in a global community that uses non-verbal communication to express their feelings about a product, which is analyzed by designers and businesses to identify and anticipate evolving trends that reflect current attitudes. In this way, they use and adapt trends to create products. But, strong values and profitability in fashion are not the only factors that allow designers to conquer markets, and there is a difference between a good designer and a king in the fashion world.


This singular and rare characteristic present during the creative process among such designers is the ability to infuse each collection or product with a message or signature. Besides hard work and dedication to exceptional materials, textiles, colors, and fabrication processes, designers have the capacity to explore and reflect on the meaning of life through love, madness, pleasure, and solitude. They are both intellectuals and unique individuals who are sometimes audacious when it comes to their interpretations of ideas, ready to tell a story through fashion.

Because of this, each product is assessed on its emotional value and significance rather than material value. What is invaluable is how fashion makes people feel and the pleasure it brings. In the end Fashion kings sale dreams.


Ana Paula Araujo Mendes


Many thanks to: 

Café Restaurant Les Éditeurs

French designer, Alain Lalou

His creations are dedicate to the mystery and glamour of the free and “multi-cult”. Its multicultural approach and its speaker qualities (creative process) from a hundred universities, manly American, make him a creator who embraces all fields of creation according to a requirement for excellence. 

In the United States its wedding dresses were displayed at Lalique US and Saks department stores in many US cities such New York, Houston, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Ball Harbour … its models that severed as the emblem largest luxury event in New York in 2003. “The Weeding March on Madison.”

In France, Italy and Spain, as freelance designer, he signed numerous collections and also creates for fashion agencies such as the International Secretariat of the wool ” Woolmark”, the federation of jewelry Bijhorca, and Adidas for Athletic wear; 

In Japan with licenses in ready-to-wear luxury Men’s wear, Women’s wear, Children’s wear and accessories. Over 50 outlets have carried his name 


Ana Paula Araujo Mendes

Executive Strategic Advisor | Dedicated to Aerospace & Defense industry | International Institutional Relations Manager.