Plan your route, and make it your way.


The distance between where you are and where you want to go is determined by how you think.

I was born in the city of São Paulo in Brazil. Due to our financial circumstances, my family and I went to live in the north of the country in the state of Para, where I had the opportunity to grow up in the beautiful region known as Amazonia.


Although I loved my home, I wanted to learn more about life and the world. Given the living conditions for most of us in the town, no one could imagine the possibility of a different kind of life, nor was anyone willing to make the effort to try and leave. In the mind of society, it was impossible!

But I was a child with big dreams, and I knew my ambitions couldn’t be satisfied in the beautiful and safe world my family had provided. I left, and I made it—not only because I was incredibly determined, but also because I saw things in a different light.

Picking your route may not be the most challenging part of planning your “trip,” but knowing how strong and prepared you are is a good place to start. 

Your eyes see the goal, you want to reach the top, your heart desires it, and then you want it. Your brain sends the message for your whole body through feelings of passion, adrenaline and fear.

It is about your dreams, maybe you are ready, or maybe not, but you can still make it happen by motivating yourself at every step, assessing the best way up. Trust me, you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have. Do it!

To provide an illustration of good planning, I would like to mention the rules of a sport— indoor climbing rock—that effectively describe the atmosphere of learning more about your limits, allowing you to plan and execute your goals better to get where you want be.



One of the best things about indoor climbing—besides the health benefits—is the opportunity to meet with such a variety of people, from beginners to professionals. The environment offered from this sport permits you to learn by individual trial and error as well as by watching others, understanding their mistakes while exchanging ideas and strategic suggestions.

_dsc2783-1In indoors climbing rock, it’s not just about strength: it’s about how well you move. Just going for it can leave you in an awkward position where you have no choice but to fall. Climbing provides you with the opportunity to understand the depths of your mind and body’s limits. This activity involves taking the time to plan what direction to take: this step is an essential rule to help you decide what abilities you should use.

Assessing the different available routes while climbing demands that you judge your individual abilities, such as knowing how to plan your route, how much strength is required to complete the next step, the amount of energy you have, and how long that energy will last. Participating in this sport helps you challenge yourself to go further, completing increasingly complex routes.


Apply this picture to daily life it is when you use problem-solving skills every time you face a challenge in your job, trying to figure out where to put your “foot” next so you can reach higher results and get closer to where you want to be.

Most importantly, this environment can teach you that if you want to get there and achieve success, you have to persist. The biggest message is that you are the only one can achieve your goals, and you have to do so in your own way!


Ana Paula Mendes


Many Thanks to:

Martin Taillebois – Hardbloc Manager

Antoine Vandeputte, Pierre Wilhelm – Instructors

HARDBLOC , the largest indoor block room in France with 1150m² climbable.



Ana Paula Araujo Mendes

Executive Strategic Advisor | Dedicated to Aerospace & Defense industry | International Institutional Relations Manager.