Sophistication, Power, and Speed – Part 2: Are you ready?

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I was 8 years old when I got my first paycheck from my very first job. I really do not know if I was ready for that moment, but the lack of experience and the impulsive character of a child who does not think too much caused me to get carried away by my emotions. This neutralized any sense of fear, prevented me from overanalyzing the situation, and allowed me to accomplish to selling everyday sandwiches and popsicles at the school gate without really knowing if I was ready.

For some people that energy becomes less and less powerful over time and it will make them become the rational adults of mostly human of today. Afraid to take risks, slow in make decisions, and sometimes invisible, people get used to living a routine life that they believe is “safe.” In fact, this is NOT safe because they aren’t really living—they are simply passing by in this world.


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I have question for you: Do you know what will happen after you are gone? Unfortunately, we are all going to leave this wonderful place one day, and trust me, no one knows for sure what is going to happen after you are done here! So if I could convert your lifetime into minutes paid for you to live every day to its fullest, would you be where are you now? Would you be “accelerating,” or would you be “breaking” the speed in terms of the ways in which you spend your “money and time” today? What if I told you that depending on how are you are driving the decisions of your present and future life, I would have to charge more or less for the minutes of your life? Would you still keep focusing your energy on your current activities and going at your current pace? And would you even tell me, “It is okay; I will start it tomorrow”? Or even worse, and more common, would you tell me, “Next week for sure”?

If you are connecting your need to make changes in your life to your current financial condition, what if I told you that you were rich and asked you to try to see your situation from a different perspective? For instance, what if I told you that you only have 1 million minutes to live? How would you spend it? Would you continue sitting in the chair asking yourself whether you are ready or not to do something that you love and that will make you happier? Although your goal is very simple but is what matters to you and will make you really understand you are alive, would you still be there? Tick tock, tick tock …

Many people get caught up living in their “comfort zone,” as it is safe and comfortable. However, doing this often prevents them from pursuing their dreams due to the fear that “accelerating” too fast or taking that risky turn on the “racetrack of life” will result in failure. Those who grip the wheel with both hands and push the pedal to the floor to race toward their goal with passion and confidence are the ones who truly reach their potential and have meaningful, happy lives.

Do wait too much—life is short. I’m not trying to convince you to agree with me, but tonight before you going to sleep and when you’re in front of the mirror, please ask this question. Are you ready?

And if your answer is YES, let’s go!


Ana Paula Mendes

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My huge thanks to all members who participated and helped me achieve another blog post with enthusiasm, joy and quality. Amazing day! I loved to share this so special moment with so talented people. You are the team!!


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About Pole Position

It was in 1995 that the idea of Pole Position was first born. It is first and foremost a team of aficionados with a passion for automotive, who decided to allow “everyman” to drive, on circuit, a child’s dream car. Their adventure began with 3 Porsche 911 (two 911 3.2l and a Cup). For 7 years they provided driving courses with a single brand: Porsche. And In 2002, Pole Position integrated the Ferrari brand to the school with 2 F355 (a 355 Berlinetta and a Challenge). For the past 20 years, thousands of students visited Pole Position to pilot their dream cars. Today their fleet includes the most prestigious brands: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, Audi etc …


Ana Paula Araujo Mendes

Executive Strategic Advisor | Dedicated to Aerospace & Defense industry | International Institutional Relations Manager.

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