The Distance Between Where you are and Your Success is Determined by How You Think

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Choose to live better: In life, believe it or not, we tend to become a blend of the people we spend time with every day; almost 60% of what you are today is the result of the people who have surrounded you on your path to the present. Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first analyze what kind of people you have chosen to spend a significant amount of your time with. When you move away from complicated people, your concentration improves, and you develop deeper insights into your qualities. This is an important step: In addition to setting a goal for who you want to be in life, you also need to consider the lifestyle you will need to lead to move closer to that goal. Understanding the lifestyle you choose to live will guide you to the future and allow you to start becoming who you want to be because you are more solidly focused on your goal.


Invest your energy in what really works: Save your energy for important moments and have a positive attitude. When you encounter negative situations, it isn’t what happens that truly matters, but how you deal with with it. Rather than trying to find someone to blame or wasting hours arguing over what went wrong, diagnose the error by productively and constructively evaluating the situation: What should not be repeated and what have you learned from any mistakes that were made? Once you have done this, move on. The old adage “there is no point in crying over spilled milk” holds so much merit. You won’t benefit from finding out who spilled the milk. You need to focus on how it was possible for the milk to spill, and to find out how you can avoid it happening again in the future. But accept that the milk is gone; there is no way to recover it.


Never feel sorry for yourself: Do not expect life to treat you well just because you are a good person. Along the way, you will meet both good people and cruel people. Both types will contribute to your development and help you grow. Good people will inspire you and help you understand the importance of loving what you do. Cruel people will teach you to be strong, fight, and defend your opinions. Most importantly, they will fuel your determination to make your goals happen.


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Believe in the person you see in front of the mirror: Your thoughts have an energy that can help you attract things faster, so your way of thinking undoubtedly has the power to empower you or destroy you. You are what you see in the mirror; if you believe this, the world will too. No matter what you want to be or do in life, you have to sell the feasibility of that goal to the person in the mirror, because, in fact, this person is the first and most important client in your whole career.


Do not confuse lack of opportunity with a lack of will: If there are no opportunities available, create one by having a goal that motivates you to start your day. Everyone needs to have goals; no matter how big or small they are, they are the “oxygen” of your life. Maybe you are not able to realize all your goals. However, simply having something to focus on will take you to wonderful places; places you may never previously have anticipated you would visit.


Ana Paula Mendes

Achieving, realizing goals, is possible for any one who commits to get out from his comfort zone.
Victories are not only about reaching goals; winning is daily getting rid of the limitations you face.
Every journey is full of obstacles, what will really matter is your choice to fight to overcome or give up and stagnate. 2017! Plan Your Route and Make It Your way


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